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English Events

February 2014



Workshop on cross-examination of police witnesses;

Citizens in action public conference on world agriculture;

Book Launch and Panel: Another Politics;

The Face of 21st Century State Violence and Police Brutality in Palestine;

Victims of the State: Police Violence & Non-Status Youth in Montreal;

Building Unlikely Alliances in Radical Queer and Trans Politics;

Friday's Vigil against the occupation of the Palestine;

Shut Down Canada events for First Nations across the country;

Radio shows;

Technical block (to contact us);


workshop on cross-examination of police witnesses

Atelier sur les contre-interrogatoires des témoins policiers

Organized by par Outrage au tribunal/Contempt of Court

1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204

(métro Guy-Concordia)


Se représenter soi-même en cour :

Atelier/Discussions sur les contre-interrogatoires des témoins policiers

Lundi, 9 février, 18h30 à 21h

1500 de Maisonneuve ouest, #204

(métro Guy-Concordia)

Representing yourself in court:

Workshop/Discussion on cross-examination of police witnesses

Monday, February 9, 6:30pm-9pm

1500 de Maisonneuve West, #20

(métro Guy-Concordia)


This workshop -- facilitated by members of Contempt of Court:

A Legal Clinic By and For Social Movements -- is open to people

who are considering representing themselves, or who are representing

themselves, in defence against P-6 tickets.


The workshop will be in two parts. In the first part, we will present and discuss

the stages of a trial. In the second part we will discuss the cross-examination

of police witnesses, by doing simulations and role plays.

If you are preparing your case, consider bringing with you the evidence against

you as well as your ideas of defence strategies. If you have practical experienc

in against-examination, come share it with us!


This workshop will take place in both French and English, with whisper

translation available. The space is wheelchair accessible (the snow and ice

will be cleared from the ramp before the meeting). If you need childcare or

if you have other accessibility needs please get in touch in advance


If possible, please confirm you attendance. And, if you can, please send

along any questions or comments you might have, to help the facilitators

to best prepare this workshop in advance.

You can contact us via

Contempt of Court: A Legal Clinic By and For Social Movements

will be organizing more self-representation workshops in the

coming months.


citizens in Action, a non-profit, non-partisan, progressive group

of concerned citizens, dedicated to political, social & economic justice,


A Free Public Conference on What's wrong with World Agriculture

and what should be done about it?

by celebrity guest speaker Writer, broadcaster, & Researcher

on Agrarian & Environmental Issues

Professor Rodophe de Koninck

Author of many books, professor de Koninck teaches

in the Geography Department at the University of Montreal,

where he holds the Canada Chair of Asian Research.

He has also been a visiting professor to many universities,

including Geneva, Paris, Shanghai and Singapore.

His teaching, research and publications, are largely based on extensive

fieldwork in agrarian and environmental issues.

He has authored 21 books including

"Gambling with the Land" in 2012.

To be followed by a discussion period   The importance of agriculture is

underestimated in contemporary debates about the future of humanity.

Yet, it is at the core of key challenges. Agriculture still represents the

major source of employment in the world, as well as the dominant form

of land use.

The very design of our cities, particularly urban sprawl with its

numerous consequences on our increasingly car dependant livelihoods,

is closely related to our agricultural choices. In fact, the latter are also

closely linked to our food habits and these to our health and overall


Modern industrial agriculture is highly mechanized and relies on the use

of fossil fuel. It constitutes a dominant source of deforestation and of

several other forms of environmental deterioration and, therefore,

of climate upheaval.

Contrary to the claims of the agro-food industry, world agriculture already

produces much more food than is needed by the 7.2 billion inhabitants

of the planet.

Yet, nearly one billion humans are still undernourished, while more than

one billion are over-nourished. What are the problems and what should

be done about them?


Tuesday, February 10, 2015.


Concordia University,

School of Community & Public Affairs, (basement)

2149 Mackay St

(between Sherbrooke & De Maisonneuve Blvd.)

Time: 7.00 p.m. sharp

N. B. We usually meet once a month, to tackle a different political issue,

at Concordia University, same time, same place.

For further information, please call the founder & coordinator of the group,

Nadia Alexan, at

tel. (514) 846-0644,

or e-mail:

(sponsored by the Concordia Student Association CSU)


book launch and Panel

ANOTHER POLITICS: Talking Across Today's Transformative Movements

Organized by par Qpirg Concordia | GRIP Concordia

1500 de Maisonneuve West, #204

Book Launch / Panel


Talking Across Today's Transformative Movements

with Chris Dixon & Helen Hudson.


Wednesday, February 11, 5pm-7pm

at QPIRG Concordia

1500 de Maisonneuve West, #204

(métro Guy-Concordia)

[please post and share this announcement widely]

. free

. wheelchair accessible

. free childcare on-site

. traduction chuchotée (français-anglais)

. snacks and drinks

. please get in touch about any accessibility needs


Recent decades have seen the exciting convergence of anti-authoritarian

radicalism and broader-based movements in the U.S. and Canada.

From this convergence, a growing set of activists

from anti-poverty organizers in Toronto to prison abolitionists in Oakland,

from occupy activists in New York to migrant justice organizers in Vancouver

- are developing shared politics and practices. They are building "another politics,"

to use a Zapatista expression. These efforts combine anti-authoritarian

anti-capitalist, anti-oppression politics with grassroots organizing among

ordinary, non-activist people.

Drawing on interviews with organizers across North America, this presentation

will explore another politics and distill lessons for building effective,

visionary movements.


Speakers include:


Originally from Alaska, Chris is a longtime anarchist organizer, writer,

and educator with a PhD from the University of California at Santa Cruz.

His writing has appeared in numerous book collections as well as periodicals

such as Anarchist Studies, Clamor, Left Turn, and Social Movement Studies.

He serves on the board of the Institute for Anarchist Studies and the advisory

board for the activist journal Upping the Anti. Dixon lives in Ottawa, Canada,

on unceded Algonquin Territory, where he is involved in anti-poverty organizing.

His new book is Another Politics: Talking Across Today's

Transformative Movements, published by University of California Press.

Find him at



Based in Montreal, Helen is an anti-authoritarian organizer and activist,

involved in diverse anti-oppression-rooted social movements for two decades.

She is currently a member of the Certain Days:

Freedom for Political Prisoners Calendar collective, a project organized

in conjunction with three political prisoners in maximum-security prison

in upstate New York.

She has previously been a coordinator at QPIRG Concordia (1999-2004),

a member of the Montreal Anarchist Bookfair Collective, as well as many

other projects and initiatives. She is a registered nurse, currently on-leave,

and a full-time mom. Learn more about Certain Days at:

[More speakers to be confirmed shortly.]


Organized by QPIRG Concordia:

your campus-community link for social change, in collaboration

with Geograds and Climate Justice Montreal.




twitter: @QPIRGConcordia


social justice days 2015

The Face of 21st Century State Violence and Police Brutality in Palestine

Thursday, February 12 from 12.30 pm to 2:30 pm


SSMU Building

This workshop is part of Social Justice Days 2015.

For more information and full schedule go to:



Lev Bukhman (Room 201) of the SSMU.

Facilitated by members of Solidarity for Palestinian Human Rights,

this workshop offers an overview and discussion of how state violence

and police brutality are used by Israel against Palestinians as part of

a larger apartheid project.

The workshop will cover tactics like the arrests of civilians and children,

the tactics of the Israeli police and Israeli Defence Forces, the use

of home demolitions, check points, late night raids, curfews and airstrikes.


This workshop will make use of video clips of some of the tactics

reference above, many of which are graphic or violent.


Zahra Habib-Zahra is a U1 student in Urban Planning and Middle East Studies,

who strongly believes that the responsibility to eradicate all suffering, oppression,

and injustices all over the world is a collective one.


Maggie Gilligan is a social justice activist and in her final semester at McGill.

She will graduate with a BA in Islamic studies and Hispanic studies ISA.

Accessibility information

(Check the following link for more detailed information:

*The building is wheelchair accessible

(check the "Accessibility" menu for maps).

*This workshop will take place in English, with whisper translation into French.

*The lighting in Room 201 is fluorescent but dim.

*Childcare will be available for all events with 24 hours notice;

please call 514 398 7432

or email

* All events are scent free

* ASL interpretation is also available for all other events with 3 days notice.

please email

to request ASL interpretation


victims of the State:

Police Violence & Non-Status Youth in Montreal

Venue :

Room B30 of the SSMU

(3480 rue McTavish)

Thursday, February 12, 2015

11 am 1o 1 pm


This workshop is a part of Social Justice Days 2015

For more information, see

Location: Room B30 of the SSMU (3480 McTavish)


While accessibility is something that anti-oppressive organisations

are theoretically committed to, it is often either an afterthought or a

prohibitive expense for groups with a limited budget. This means that whether

it's in meetings, decision-making, resource allocation, social events or

political protest, the needs of disabled activists and community members

are frequently left to the wayside and forgotten.


Consequently, spaces that should be inclusive and welcoming for disabled

folks can often feel quite marginalising and inaccessible. The first part includes

an overview of different models of disability (beyond the well-worn medical

and social model) and explores some of the ways in which disabled voice

are silenced in mainstream and radical communities. We'll also talk about

calling out/in ableism and ableist language and how folks with invisible

disabilities are marginalised.


In the second part of the workshop, participants will break out into groups to

conduct an accessibility audit of a community event they are or were involved

in as a participant or organiser. This part of the workshop will also involve

brainstorming budget-friendly ways of improving accessibility for community-

based organisations and discussions around creating events that are accessible

to people with a wide range of disabilities.


This workshop is coordinated by Lili Lemieux. Lili is a queer femme crip who

loves talking about disability, accessibility, queer things, education, and

self-care. She is a moderator for an online forum and support group for

chronically ill and disabled folks of all genders, and one of the founders of

a soon-to-launch online sexuality resources for disabled folks.


*The building is wheelchair accessible. *This workshop will take place in English

with whisper translation into French. *We will be lighting the room with standing

lamps so that those with fluorescent light sensitivities will be able to attend.

*Childcare will be available for all events with 24 hours notice; please cal

514 398 7432 or email


* All events are scent free


* ASL interpretation will be available for this workshop.

For more information on accessibility:


building Unlikely Alliances in Radical Queer and Trans Politics

What's That Got To Do With Us?


Thursday, February 12, 2015 7 pm to 9 pm

Venue : Chez Borris, 5151 Avenue du Parc

This event is part of Social Justice Days 2015.

For more information, visit:

The evening will consist of a screening of the 2014 film Pride with members

of the Prisoner Correspondence Project. The screening of the film will be

followed by a discussion about Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners

(LGSM) and other instances of radical queer/trans organizing around

issues that aren't explicitly on gender and sexuality, and in particular the

work done at the Prisoner Correspondence Project.


The Prisoner Correspondence Project is a collectively run initiative based

out of Montreal. It coordinates a direct-correspondence program for gay

lesbian, transsexual, transgender, gendervariant, two-spirit, intersex, bisexual

and queer inmates in Canada and the United States, linking these inmates

with people part of these same communities outside of prison.

The PCP will also help attendees who are interested in becoming pen pals

get matched up, if they're interested!


Accessibility Info

* It is possible to enter Chez Boris in a wheelchair, but there is no automatic button

on the front door. The bathrooms are not wheelchair accessible.

* This workshop will take place in English, with whisper translation into French.

*The lighting in Chez Boris is not fluorescent

* Childcare will be available for all events with 24 hours notice

please call 514 398 7432 or email

qpirg at ssmu dot mcgill dot ca.

* All events are scent free (see here for more info).

* ASL interpretation is available for all events with 3 days notice.

Please email

to request ASL interpretation.

For more accessibility information, visit our website


Fridays Vigil


Weekly Vigil Noon to 1 PM

End the occcupation !

Join PAJU and support the heroic resistance of the Palestinian People.

Become part of the longest-running protest vigil in Canadian history,

every Friday in front of in front of Indigo Books

on the north-west corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College.


Friday, February 13, 20 & 27, 2015


Silent vigil in protest against the occupation.



corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College.


Invite your freinds. We hope to see you there.

The Vigil Committe.


shut Down Canada

In Solidarity with all Land Defenders Across Canada

Wherever you are!


The system has failed us all miserably. There is no democracy and we the

people have an obligation to demand justice for all. The current status quo

in so called Canada serves only the elite few while the majority of Canadians

are financial slaves to the system. Politicians do not represent the people

nor have they ever. Indigenous communities know this all too well and hav

been actively resisting subjugation since contact with the first colonizers who

illegally imposed their jurisdiction through covert biological warfare and the

ongoing genocide implemented with the residential school system.


The residential schools took the children from the land to disconnect people from

their culture in order to take the land from the children. The genocide is ongoing,

we still see the constant removal of indigenous children from their ancestral

lineages and the untimely deaths of so many indigenous men, women and



Indigenous peoples are over-represented in the (in)justice system and

homeless populations are disproportionately indigenous. The systemic racism

in the RCMP and Police forces negates any effective justice from taking place.

This is the reason why so many indigenous women have gone missing

or been murdered without any real action to prevent further violence.


Everything is interconnected.

This government blatantly oppresses indigenous peoples in a calculated effort

to create dysfunction within communities to maintain control of the land

and exploitation of natural resources. The rape and destruction of our mother

earth is another facet of the ongoing genocide which holds no prejudice

affecting all children of the earth. We are all directly affected by ecocide.


Make no mistake that systemic racism and structural violence are connected

to the needs of this illegal colonial state to maintain control of the land

for exploitation. That is why we must call attention to these issues at the

same time - the tars sands, the pipelines, fracking, mining, mega-dam

projects and justice for #MMIW -- it's all connected.


CALLOUT for communities across Canada to blockade their local railway,

port or highway on February 13th. Don't buy, don't fly, no work and keep th

kids home from school. A diversity of tactics is highly recommended!

Get everyone involved. The goal is to significantly impact the Canadian

economy for a day and demand there be an independent inquiry into the 2000+

cases of missing or murdered indigenous women.

It's Time to #ShutDownCanada.


Get together with your friends and family to start planning now.

Please share any info on local events on this event page we will use

as a networking hub. Tell as many people as you can, time to get

the ball rolling.

Here are links for all 22 events created so far.























Niagara Falls:






Port Moody:


Prince George:








Vancouver: Blockade @ the port.


Vancouver: Dance Party




(Please keep in mind that it is likely many affinity groups will organize and

act without any promotion or facebook event) Organize and share your

event link here... or organize and JUST DO IT!






Friday, February 13th 2015

Grassroots collectives are organizing nationwide for a day of action to

#ShutDownCanada. Through the use of a diversity of tactics the goal

is to significantly impact the Canadian economy for one whole day.

What is the goal out of #ShutDownCanada?

To remove the veil or illusion of the Conservative government's

"Action Plan" that is being touted as a strong economic stance for Canad

in the global market. Economics being the key word and base of why ther

is such a blatant disregard for human rights and our environment.

Bottom line is that the government is responsible for allowing multiple

injustices including, but not limited to:


• The refusal to have adequate and meaningful investigation for missing

and murdered indigenous women exemplifies Canada's systemic racis

and permits it to continue.

• The ever increasing expansion of tar sands extraction and how this

"development" is destroying a people (Dene), their way of life and the

entire ecosystem needed for their survival. Not to mention the multitude

of rare cancers and diseases which are byproducts of tar sands destruction.

• Pipeline construction which equals loss of jobs being exported topped with

importing workers from other countries to take Canadian jobs (Action Plan)

without the consent of First Nations.

• Issuing grants and licenses for open pit mining even after the Tshilqot'in

Supreme Court decision, and the Mt Polley tailings pond breach without

any real concerted effort in clean up. • Fractured gas drilling and the

erious intentional misleading of the truth of how this impacts our water supply.


• Site C dam construction and why it is being constructed, not to mention who

it is displacing and how they never had any consent from First Nations to

move forward.

• The destruction of wild salmon habitat, open net feedlots and fish farming with

other countries in our waters destroying the seabed ecosystem and wild

salmon stalks.

• Unconstitutional agreements such as FIPA, not to mention now even more

so privacy laws are being changed without your consent which goes in direct

violation of your actual charter of rights and freedoms.


While the issues are many and varied throughout different regions it's

all interconnected and it is this corrupt government that is responsible.

The only way for the people to get the attention of this government is to

target their pocket books.

That is the reason to #ShutDownCanada.

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