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CKUT Station Tour Z

By Ckut NewsCollective Participants

Ckut NewsCollective

Thursday, January 30, 2014


Join us for an hour to learn the ins and outs

of CKUT! Take a station tour, meet staff

and volunteers, and learn about the possibility

of becoming a volunteer at CKUT and

making community radio in Montreal.


No registration is required – just show up

to 3647 University

(between De Pins and Prince Arthur).


Station tours are


at noon, 3pm & 6pm

at Radio CKUT, 3647 Université

(between de Pins and Prince Arthur).


If you can't make those dates, station

tours continue - every third Thursday

of the month - same place, same time.


Hope to see you there!

CKUT 90.3 FM Montréal.

end of the radio shows;


English Events

Spring 2014.



Call out for proposals: Poster designs for "Status for All"

immigrant justice march and organizing (Montreal);

Status for all: Call out for event proposals;

Citizens in action public and free panel on Fiscal Justice;

End Year Celebration Fee Levy Festival of Gender Advocacy;

Seeking for contributions for a book.zine.pamphlet about an housing campaing;

Montreal Weekly Vigil against Occupation of the Palestine;

Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow at l'Artere;

Anti-capitalist solidarity with sex workers panel;

Art and revolution : Howl! Arts Festival;

Technical Bloc to contact us;

Radio shows;


call out

Poster designs for "Status for All" immigrant justice march

and organizing (Montreal Five local migrant justice organizations :

Mexicans United For Regularization, Solidarity Across Borders

and No One Is Illegal, with the support of Dignidad Migrante &

the Immigrant Workers Center, are mobilizing actively for a

"Status for All" demonstration this coming June 7, 2014,

in conjunction with a several parallel events (community dinner,

popular education events, and more

that will take place between June 2-15.

Part of our work includes door-to-door outreach in Montreal

neighborhoods, including on the metro, buses, community centers

and streets.

We will be producing posters, flyers as well as popular education

materials to help with our efforts.

This year, we are making an open callout for a poster design.

The deadline to submit a poster design is

SUNDAY, APRIL 6, before noon.

Your design will be used widely in the Montreal-area, on posters,

website and more.

As a reference point (and for inspiration) here are the poster

from previous years: 2013:

(by Ben Stewart-Smith);


(by Sarita Ahooja);


(by Al Blair);

When you submit your design:

send a colour poster design as a jpg file (300 dpi) to


write "poster submission" in the subject line;

. also include your name, as well as a contact

telephone number and e-mail addresss;

. on your proposed poster itself, please include the following information:


March for justice and dignity for all migrants and refugees


Location: xxx Time: xxx (métro xxx)

No borders, no nations, stop the deportations! Decolonize Canada!

We march together to demand an end to deportations and detentions

and status for all.

We also denounce the double punishment of migrants with criminal records.

We demand Status for All, and organize for a "Solidarity City"

for all residents of Montreal.

A child-friendly march. Bring your kids!

Organized by Mexicans United for Regularization,

Solidarity Across Borders, and No One Is Illegal,

with the support of Dignidad Migrante and the Immigrant Workers Center




Please note:

We will print separate French and English posters (and also in other languages,

such as Spanish). You can submit your design in either language.

If your poster is chosen, you will be the graphic designer for the upcoming

Status for All march. As graphic designer, we’ll request the following:

a final colour and b&w 11x17 poster; a logo that we can use on our website

nd other publicity materials; a web banner; if possible, your help with designing

flyers and stickers to complement our main poster.

The chosen designer will receive a $100 honorarium.

Thanks for considering submitting a design.

The members of the Status For All Campaign 


Solidarité sans frontières:


Solidarity Across Borders:


Solidaridad sin fronteras:






tél.: 438-933-7654.


status for all: call out for events proposals

(deadline April 22) (meeting April 6th).

Planning for two weeks of events between June 2-15, 2014

Members of Mexicans United for Regularization (MUR),

No One Is Illegal and Solidarity Across Borders,

with the support of Dignidad Migrante and the Immigrant Workers Center,

have begun organizing for this year's STATUS FOR ALL mobilization for migrant justice.

A report-back from last year's mobilization is linked here:


This year, we're planning two weeks of activities and events, from June 2-15,

with Saturday, June 7 reserved for a family-friendly migrant justice march in Montreal.

We are calling on allied organizations and affinity groups to organize activities,

including civil disobedience and direct actions, on the theme

STATUS FOR ALL during this period.


Some preliminary ideas include: community dinners; neighborhood contingents;

street theatre; popular education evenings; demos and actions at the Laval

detention center, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Minister of Education

or other institutions; banner drops; street art & postering; and more.

Please send your event proposals to

by April 22, 2014 (before 5pm).

Don't hesitate to get in touch to share your ideas.

(If you want to be involved with this year's mobilization,

we also strongly encourageyou to attend our next open meeting

on Sunday, April 6 at 1pm.

The meeting will take place at 1500 de Maisonneuve West, #204

(near métro Guy-Concordia).

The space is wheelchair accessible.

If you need childcare for the meeting, please contact

in advance.

Get in touch about any accessibility needs.

Our meetings take place in French, English and Spanish, with translation available.

If you can't attend the meeting but can help out, please get in touch via


Solidarité sans frontières:


Solidarity Across Borders:


Solidaridad sin fronteras:






twitter: @SolidariteMTL

tél.: 438-933-7654.


citizens in Action An Alternative Globalization Organization

"Another World is Possible" Together we can make a difference

Citizens in Action, a non-profit, non-partisan, progressive group of

concerned citizens, dedicated to political, social & economic justice is

pleased to present:

a Free Public Conference on Fiscal Justice, a forgotten major election issue:

by guest speaker: Alain Deneault, Author, professor, public speaker

& member of the Fiscal Justice Centre, as well as panelists:

Aaron Barcant & Catherine Brown.

During the month of April when you are hunched over your tax returns,

your stomach in knots, trying to figure out how much you owe your government,

consider this: 26 of the most powerful profitable Fortune 500 companies

paid zero dollars in income tax between 2008 & 2012.

No one is going to jail; this fraud is perfectly legal. In 2012, 155 billion dollars

were placed in tax havens. Tax avoidance, has become an essential part

of doing business.

Boing paid nothing. General Electric, nothing; Verizon, nothing; consequently,

we are told: «we have no money for your services, government coffers are empty».

Come and find out how they are getting away with it and what we can do about it.

To be followed by a discussion period.


Tuesday, April 8, 2014.


Concordia University, School of Community & Public Affairs,

2149 Mckay St (between Sherbrooke & De Maisonneuve Blvd.)

Time: 7.00 p.m. sharp.

N. B. We usually meet once a month, to tackle a different political issue,

at Concordia University, same time, same place.

For further information, please call the founder & coordinator of the group,

Nadia Alexan, at tel. (514) 846-0644, or e-mail:

(sponsored by by SCPASA).


end Year Celebration

Fee Levy Festival Thursday,

April 10, 2014 at 7 pm

1500 de Maisonneuve West, Suite 404

Organized by Gender Advocacy

It's been an incredible year at the Centre for Gender Advocacy!

In November our efforts to campaign for support services for survivors

of sexual assault resulted in the creation of

Concordia's Sexual Assault Resource Centre!


More people than ever came out for our marches for

Missing & Murdered Native Women and Take Back the Night!


We had a number of incredible event series including our

back-to-school series, Another Word for Gender,

and Thick Skin, a series on gender and racialization.


Our volunteers are what make these and so many more events and services possible.

We're grateful that Concordia undergrads showed their support for our work

by voting yes to an 8¢ per credit increase to our fee levy!


Please join us to celebrate everything that has been accomplished thanks

to our amazing volunteers!

All are welcome!


Snacks and beverages provided.

The venue is wheelchair accessible.




(...and of course YEAH FIESTA!).


deadline April 10, 2014

Seeking for contributions for a book.zine.pamphlet

about the housing campain "À qui la ville?"

Last June in Montreal, after a callout for a manif-action for housing rights,

a vacant lot was occupied in Saint-Henri under the À qui la ville? banner.

Hoping to keep this struggle alive and hopefully inspire other people to

take direct action, there's a movie that will be launched in the near future.

In order to create a multilayered, collectively authored reflection/publication/two

dimensional time capsule, we would love it if you contributed stories,

memories, reflections, visions, dreams, hopes and fantasies...

The idea is to create a space where different and perhaps even divergent

narratives can come together, coexist and where folks coming from

diverse perspectives who may or may not have participated in the

Saint Henri occupation can share their experiences and their reflections.

We would be thrilled to have contributions from folks involved in other

anti-gentrification/housing rights struggles. In our wildest dreams,

the book.zine.pamphlet would be filled with words, emotions,

reflections, disturbances, whimsy and love stories about our lives

and the spaces we inhabit as well as a plethora of different forms

of artistic expressions and creations. (comics, collages, stencils, origami, etc.)

Tell us about your experiences and your revolutionary fantasies, your dreams

of direct actions... Squats, building and land occupations, protest, issues

about population displacement, links between housing rights struggles

here and afar, coop & social housing projects. How can we take back public


How can we prepare ourselves for land.building occupation/attempted

corporate takeover and increased militarization of our cities?

How does all this tie in with colonialism? All that and much more.

Don't hesitate to send art or texts that have already published or send

us something completely new! Regarding arrrrrt, please keep in mind

that this is a DIY publication:

black.white.and.gray is highly recommended so your piece may be

beautifully reproduced.

You have until april 10th 2014 to send us your contribution

at the following email address:

(and/or let us know if you want a bit more time)

* If you're extremely enthusiastic about this project and that you want to

help out in a way or another to the creation of this

(corrections, ornamentation, translation, lay-out, etc.):

Send us a message!

If you have questions.comments.ideas, don't hesitate to write to us!

Le collectif de l'oeuvre collective d'À qui la ville?


"There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not

live single-issue lives." Audre Lorde.


Fridays Vigil


Weekly Vigil Noon to 1 PM

End the occcupation !

Join PAJU and support the heroic resistance of the Palestinian People.

Become part of the longest-running protest vigil in Canadian history,

every Friday in front of in front of Indigo Books

on the north-west corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College.

Friday, April 11, 18 and 25, 2014.


Silent vigil in protest against the occupation.



corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College.


Invite your freinds. We hope to see you there.

The Vigil Committe.


heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow

Organized by Heels on Wheels Roadshow

Venue :

Café l'Artère 7000 avenue du Parc, Montréal H3N 1X1

Tickets :

Sunday April 13th, 2014

Café L'Artère,

7000 Avenue du Parc, Montréal, Québec H3N 1X

show 8.00pm $7 - 15 sliding scale.

The 2014 Glitter Roadshow features Damien Luxe, Heather Ács,

Shomi Noise, Sabina Ibarrola, Angel Nafis, Alvis Parsley,

and wrangler/visual artist Lizxnn Disaster.

The Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow tours the US annually

with a dazzling, diverse cabaret of performance art works and acts

of resistance by queer folks of femme-inine spectrum genders.


The show itself consists of six performers, local acts in every city

and a dance party if you’re lucky! The fearless artists rampage

from hi-femme to femmedrogyny in a wild revue of visceral poetic

performance, emotional escape plans, high femme drag, multimedia

mermaids, and rocknroll you can sink your heels into!


Shomi Noise plays guitar and reads from her zine series "Building Up Emotional

Muscles," the story of her journey as a Bolivian immigrant navigating U.S.

culture and finding herself through alternative music scenes.

Damien Luxe “Femme Footprints In The Sand” uses mermaids

and powdered milk to explore thriving past poverty.


Heather Ács' "Welcome to the Waldorf Hysteria" uses multi-media

high-femme drag histrionics to reach beyond language and ask, what do

we gain when we lose control? Angel Nafis' poetry celebrates the everything

and everywhere of her world, of love and divinity, of her black girl brilliance

in its vastness and depth.


Alvis Parsley's heartfelt confession draws on their experiences as a

genderqueer Asian while questioning the roles of institutions, authority,

and the ecosystem of the arts with both humor and tenderness.

Sabina Ibarrola melts down and melts hearts in a pop culture performative

exploration of breaking up and breaking through with the help of karaoke

and Carrie Bradshaw.

This year also includes a selection of video art by Louis Chavez, Kristin Li,

Ellie Beth, Jacqueline Mary, and Celeste Chan.

Come see the glitter and grit for yourself: don’t miss the fifth

Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, April 11-20, 2014,

XO, Heels on Wheels.


Heels on Wheels is a Brooklyn-based group of interdisciplinary artists

who create performance-based cultural works and community events

that have a feminist and radical agenda, are produced from sites

of femme/inine-positive queer embodiment, and reveal the power in

under-represented communities.

More about the event, the artists, and the Heels on Wheels here:


anti capitalist solidarity with sex workers third in a series,

Self-determination(s) against State Repression

Anti-Capitalist Discussion Series

Wednesdays: March 19, April 2, April 16 at UQAM


As part of the month against police repression and brutality, just before the

March 21st march against colonialism, racism and the Charter, and in th

lead-up to May Day, the CLAC Popular Education Committee presents a

series of panels on self-determination in the context of three current struggles:

anti-capitalist & anti-racist opposition to the Charter, indigenous resistance

to tar-sands pipelines (Line 9/Energy East), and sex workers against

unsafe and exploitive working conditions.


Please contact us if you would like to have an info-table during

the discussion series:


Wednesday April 16th @ 7pm Café Aquin, A2445, UQAM

(métro Berri-UQAM)

childcare and whisper translation EN-FR. Any specific accessibility needs?

Please contact us at

A panel-discussion to discuss and build anti-capitalist solidarity with sex workers.


Frederique Chabot is an ally in the sex worker rights movement and a member

of POWER (Prostitutes of Ottawa-Gatineau, Work, Educate, Resist),

an advocacy group for sex workers' rights. Fred will discuss how

criminalization models designed to 'enforce' gender or racial equality play

out in reality. She will talk about the relationship between sex workers

and the Ottawa police, both when the latter were directly targetin

street-based sex workers and now that they are targeting clients and 'traffickers'

and will discuss the construction of sex workers as criminals, deviants

or victims and how that plays out in policing settings.


Betty Iglesias works at ASTT(e)Q, Action Santé Travesti-e-s et Transexeul-le-s

du Québec. ASTT(e)Q promotes the health and well-being of trans people

through peer support, activism, education, empowerment and mobilization.

Betty will discuss the work of ASTT(e)Q as it relates to the self-determination

of sex workers.


Robyn Maynard has written about the need to decriminalize sex work and work

at Stella, an organization to defend the safety and dignity of sex workers.

She will be discussing the fight for the decriminalization of sex work fro

the perspective of self-determination; showing how current Canadian laws and

the oft-cited Swedish model impede sex workers' fight for self determination.

She will draw parallels to anti-capitalist support for migrant workers and other

workers' struggles.



This anticapitalist teach-in is the fourth in a series organized by the CLAC

Popular Education Committee. If you would like to get involved in the

Popular Education Committee of the CLAC, please contact us!


The Popular Education Committee of the CLAC is a committee

of GRIP UQAM and a working group of QPIRG Concordia.


Organized by the Popular Education Committee of the CLAC


art and revolution Howl! arts festival

a celebration of art and revolution 24-29 avril 2014

Live music, cinema, creative interventions, street art and community

discussions by Montréal artists and activists.

Howl! arts festival is grounded in an anti-capitalist

perspective on the arts, and aims to challenge and

resist the appropriation of art in processes of

gentrification, oppression and marginalization.

Events will take place in independent cultural spaces,

celebrating the beauty of resistance in a city known

for both dynamic art practices and vibrant social justice movements.

facebook event)


Jeudi/Thursday 24 Avril 20h30

benefit / spectacle bénéfice :

Odaya / Sarah Pagé / AroarA

Missing Justice Campaign for Missing

and Murdered Indigenous Women

Casa del Popolo,

4873 St. Laurent, 8:30pm, $8.

Vendredi/Friday 25 Avril, 20h30

Regards sur le 7ème feu ensemble /

Choeur Maha  La Sala Rossa,

4848 St. Laurent, 8:30pm, $8.

Samedi/Saturday, 26 Avril, 14h

un atelier-discussion sur art + mouvements sociaux;

le cagibi, 5490 Boulevard Saint-Laurent;

(les dons/donations welcome).

Samedi/Saturday, 26 Avril, 20h30

transcending audio borders:  A Sacred Cloud /

Amir Amiri / Jean-Sébastien Truchy

Café Résonance, 5175 Avenue du Parc.

Dimanche/Sunday, 27 Avril, 14h

Art + Activism panel

le cagibi, 5490 Boulevard Saint-Laurent,

(les dons/donations welcome).

Lundi/Monday, 28 Avril, 19h

Cinema Politica film screening of Hi-Ho Mistahey!

with Alanis Obomsawin.


D.B. Clarke Theatre Concordia University

1455 de Maisonneuve west.

Mardi/Tuesday, 29 Avril, 2014  Four Minutes to Midnight launch,

with live performances

le cagibi,  5490 St. Laurent, $5 ($15 with zine) 

Howl :

@howlarts / art & revolution.

technical block;
Contact us

ads to calendar:

réseau nothingness:

(réseau des luttes sociales et citoyennes

au Québec et sur la planète) :

url of l'agenda militant:
radios shows


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