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English Events

November 2015



Community group Strike on November 2nd and 3rd;

Public conversation of University of the street cafe;

Demo for a massive reinvestment in our public services;

Native Art.Culture evening at l'Escalier;

Friday's Vigil against the occupation of the Palestine;

Reggae dance party fundraiser by par Cité sans frontières;

Radical research week at Concordia;

Citizens in action free public conference: The hidden face of the free trade;

Book Launch : Lumpen, The Autobiography of Ed Mead;

Technical block (to contact us);


will You Strike With Us?

Community Groups Take Action On November 2nd and 3rd, community groups

across the province will be taking a stand against the austerity measures that so

deeply affect our sector and the communities we serve, while also demanding

adequate funding and recognition of the community sector from the government.

At COCo, we want to make sure that our networks-- who are even more severely

affected by funding cuts, have little or no access to core funding, and whose

perspective is often missed in these discussions-- know how to plug in.

Will You Strike With Us on November 2nd and 3rd? On November 2nd and 3rd,

community organizations across Québec will strike as part of an ongoing movement

against austerity and for an increase in funding and recognition for the community


For the community sector, a strike doesn't mean closing our doors:

its means moving our resources and energy towards the collective struggle for the

well being of our organizations. In the hopes of encouraging participation of English-

speaking organizations in this mobilization, COCo has translated a guide to the

community sector strike, which outlines why organizations should participate,

how the strike works, and answers some frequently asked questions.

If your organization is unable to strike, there are many ways to participate in the

mobilization, including participating in a popular inquiry on the situation of community

groups on November 2nd (more information here), or attending the demonstration on

November 3rd (information below).  We are more than happy to answer any questions

you mights have about why COCo has decided to strike, what the strike is about in

general, and how you can get involved.


Demonstration in Support of the Community Sector On November 3rd, a

demonstration will leave at 1pm from the office of Premier Couillard,

at the corner of McGill College and Sherbrooke.

We hope groups will come out en masse to make known our demands

and needs as a sector

For a full schedule of events for the week of November 2nd, please refer to

(in French only).


public conversations of university of the street cafe


November 4 Participatory Mapping:

How can maps empower our communities and affect change?

November 4, 2015, 7 p.m. – 9 p.m.


When we think of maps, we usually conceive of them as a means of navigation,

a tool to locate ourselves and plan our best route forward. However, in seeking

to describe our geography and represent our landscapes, the process of mapping

has the ability to shape our lived reality.


What gets included on a map and what doesn’t make the cut?

What happens when we move beyond consulting cartography, and seek

to create it ourselves?


In this public conversation we will look at the growing trend of participatory mapping.

How does the process of defining boundaries, choosing symbols, and creating

meaning help a community to generate dynamic knowledge about their history,

challenges, and identity?


Can community-made maps – be they digital or physical, creative or concrete –

help us build the world we want to live in?

Together, we will share experiences, imagine possibilities and explore the joy

and challenges we face when we engage in the map-making process.



As a designer, mapmaker and social sculptor, Wendy Brawer has energized award-winning innovative, inclusive sustainability initiatives for 25 years, both in New York

and via the 65-country Green Map network.


An artist, educator and Associate Professor of Art Education at Concordia University,

Kathleen Vaughan has a particular love for maps as a means of representing our

knowledge of and attachment to place. Her studio works include textile maps of walks

in urban woods exhibited in Canada and abroad; her community projects include

participatory maps/weaves in Montreal and Riga, Latvia.



Sara Brietkreutz is a doctoral student in social and cultural analysis at Concordia

University whose research involves place, movement, and belonging in the settler-colonial city. She has also worked with Concordia's Centre for Oral History and Digital

Storytelling on a walking audio tour of the neighbourhood of Point St. Charles and is

interested in how digital media are changing the ways we think and feel about




Café Bloom 1940 Centre St.


Speakers Wendy Brawer, Kathleen Vaughan

Organizer Susan Edey

Organization University of the Streets Café


Contact 514-848-2424 ext. 4893

Category Workshops & seminars.


November 19

Living Language in Montreal: What's your experience?

November 24

The Best of Intentions:

Are we mistaking charity for social justice?


November 30

Partnering for Change:

How can community-university partnerships succeed?


demo for a massive reinvestment in our public services

Thursday November 5, 2015 at 1 pm

at the Parc Lineaire De La Commune,

corner St-Laurent (Montréal)  


The pillage of our public services continues under the leadership of Couillard,

Coiteux, Leitao and their like. On the long run, we can expect the privatizatio

of our Education and Health systems – and therefore, an increase in social



Faced with those continuous attacks, the population is awakening and the

contestation of the governmental pillage is gaining in strenght.

Teachers are taking strike mandates to claim better work conditions and

defend public school and our Education system. Nurses are taking similar

mandates, while community groups are closing their doors to protest on

the streets.


Austerity is a political choice and we know that alternatives exist.

More than 10 billion dollars could be reinvested in public services if the

government adopted the fiscal alternatives that ASSÉ, with numerous

other groups, defends. To be heard by the government, it is necessary

to ally in this struggle.

Against austerity, WE KNOW THAT WE ARE NOT ALONE.


ASSÉ invites students, workers and citizens to participate at its national

demo to assert together that this fall, austerity will not pass.

Be there on Novembre 5th, at the Commune’s linear par

(on Saint-Laurent’s corner) at 13:00 !

One movement, 10 billion solutions !

One movement towards general strike !


native ART.CULTURE evening

November 5th

Kwé, Kuei, Hi!!!

Thursday November 5th;

starting at 22h00

At Café-bar l'Escalier;

552, Saint-Catherine East Street


This Thursday, November 5th we receive Saali from Saali & the Ravenhearts.

Saali & the Ravenhearts is a new Canadian-Indie band based out of Montreal

led by Inuk singer/songwriter Charles Saali Keelan (Chucky). He performs all original

music with lyrics in both Inuktitut and English languages. Their musical style is

versatile and can be classified as Aboriginal, Alternative, Folk and World.

Saali was born on Baffin Island in Iqaluit, Nunavut.  He began his musical career in

the late 90's as a drummer for the Beatrice Deer Band. He wrote the music and co-

wrote lyrics for both the debut album Just Bea (2005), won Best Inuit/Culture Album

at the Canadian Aboriginal Music Awards, and Beatrice Deer (2010).


In 2006, he released his debut self-titled album Chucky.  His second album titled

Chucky? (2010) was nominated Best Rock Album of the Year at the 2012 Aboriginal

Peoples Choice Music Awards.   Over the years, Saali's music has evolved from

metal and hard rock, to alternative, and now to the multi-genre sound of Saali and

the Ravenhearts. His music carries strength and beauty, often influenced from the

peaceful surroundings of the Arctic and Inuit culture.

Quite Simply the Music Speaks for itself!


- Saali #sapiqangitunga #thisismytime


Finally, like past evenings, we will dance on the music of D.J. Señor Kiko.

Resident Dj for the Native ART • CULTURE evenings at l'Escalier, Señor Kiko

is a Montreal based DJ from Mexico City. He is representing Cumbia bass,

tribal and moombathon sounds.


The Native ART.CULTURE evenings:

Sharing moments with the aboriginal community of Montreal

on every first Thursday of each month!

Open to all!

Free admission!

Poster included!

Organised by:

First Nations Circle of UQAM,

(Le Cercle des Premières Nations de l'UQAM) and

The ART. CULTURE committee from the Montreal Urban Aboriginal

Strategy NETWORK

More information:

Also in Facebook:

Gustavo Zamora Jiménez

Coordonnateur Cercle des Premières Nations de l'UQAM

514. 987.3000 poste 6793


Fridays Vigil


Weekly Vigil Noon to 1 PM

End the occcupation !

Join PAJU and support the heroic resistance of the Palestinian People.

Become part of the longest-running protest vigil in Canadian history,

every Friday in front of in front of Indigo Books

on the north-west corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College.


Friday, November 6, 13, 20, & 27 at noon.


Silent vigil in protest against the occupation.



corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College.


Invite your freinds. We hope to see you there.

The Vigil Committe.


reggae dance party fundraiser

Organized by par Cité sans frontières / Solidarity City /...

Friday November 6, 20156

at Cafe l'Artere,

7 000 avenue du Parc

(metro Parc)

until 10 pm

$5 to $10 or pay what you can.

Featuring artists:

Danny Rebel & Waahli & Kali


Dance the night away to sweet reggae tunes while supporting an

undocumented woman apply for permanent residency after 35 years

in Montreal.


All funds raised go directly to paying for the application, to help this

woman regularize her status.


More info on the situation

M. came to Montreal from the Carribbean 35 years ago, looking for a better life

for herself, and to support her kids who she had to leave behind. After working

and building community in Montreal for more than half her life, she is facing

health and financial difficulties related to getting older.


M. is one of over 50,000 undocumented residents of Montreal. Living without

status means that she has NO access to medical insurance, or any kind of

state financial assistance, basic supports that residents with permanent

status and citizenship take for granted.


Members of Solidarity Across Borders are supporting M. in putting in a

Humanitarian and Compassionate application, in the hopes of regularizing

her status and finally being able to access some of the basic securities

(health care, housing, and financial assistance) that should be afforded

to everyone regardless of immigration status.


As we mobilize to support a member of our community in a time of financial need,

we ground our efforts in collective struggles against deportations, and against

the racist canadian immigration regime that excludes thousands of individuals

and families from basic security and autonomy every day.



More info:


radical research week


Nov 9-12

presented by CURE Concordia.

Concordia Hall Building 7th floor (unless otherwise marked)

Autres évènements de CURE,

The Community-University Research Exchange

NOV 09 Achaar:

free lunch and discussion on food, identity and diaspora Concordia Hall Building

7th floor (1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest).


NOV 09 Catharsis Piñata:

collective piñata making workshop

Concordia Hall Building 7th floor (1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest)

Jaggi Singh et Noah Singh y participent


NOV 11 Feminist Technologies:

a panel discussion on access, representation and tech for social


Concordia Hall Building 7th floor (1455 de Maisonneuve Ouest)


The Community-University Research Exchange presents a week of workshops,

panels, film and art linked to community-driven social justice research.

Radical Research Week highlights the many ways that students and community

members do knowledge work, including art, technology and forms of grassroots

knowledge production not traditionally validated by the academy.


SCHEDULE more info here


12:30-14:30 Achaar: Free lunch and discussion on food, identity and

diaspora with Aditi Ohiri and Priya Jain.

FB event:


17:00-19:00 Art in Action Vernissage:

Art in Action highlights creative community and student contributions

related to social and environmental justice issues through diverse mediums.

Exhibit organized by QPIRG Concordia.

Ongoing callout for submissions:

18:00-21:00 Catharsis Piñata pt 1 (Creation):

A collective piñata making workshop with Ileana Hernandez.

Participants will create a piñata together that represents something that

bothers them as a group.

Sign-up here:

FB event:



11:00-16:00 Community Tabling Fair:

A tabling fair showcasing dozens of campus and community groups

who contribute to Concordia and the surrounding communities.


13:30-15:30 Community Round Table:

A discussion on community-driven social justice research with representatives

from 10 different community groups doing grassroots work on issues

from migrant justice to prisoner solidarity and beyond.


16:00 - 18:00 Radical Campus Tour (wheelchair accessible):

Come learn more about social justice struggles at Concordia University

and beyond. Topics include the 1969 Sir George Williams Computer

Center Riot and more.



13:30-15:30 Feminist Technologies:

a panel discussion on access, representation and tech for social

transformation - featuring Flo Herra-Vega (Peerio),

Arielle Friedman (TechnoLibre),

Mallory Knodel (Association for Progressive Communications)

& a member of the FemHack collective

FB event:


20:00 Projections insurgées Film Series:

A panorama of the Black Lives Matter movement.

This event presented by SubMédia TV, Ni Québec Ni Canada,

Média Libre.

takes place at CÉDA

2514 rue Delisle, metro Lionel-Groulx

FB event:



13:30-15:30 Keynote Panel:

A discussion on community-driven knowledge work

from diverse perspectives with Ellen Gabriel

Robyn Maynard

and a member of the FemHack collective


18:00 Catharsis Piñata pt 2 (Destruction):

The last part of a collective piñata making workshop with Ileana Hernandez

During part 2 the piñata will be destroyed in a moment of collective catharsis.

FB event:


Welcome to all.

Wheelchair accessible.

Whisper translation available.

Childcare available with 48 hours notice.

Get in touch with any accessibility needs.


Co-Sponsored By:

Concordia Student Union (CSU)

Fine Arts Student Alliance (FASA)

QPIRG Concordia

Software Engineering and Computer Science Society (SCS)

Sustainability Action Fund (SAF)

People's Potato.


citizens in action free public conference


Citizens in Action An Alternative Globalization Organization

"Another World is Possible" Together we can make a difference Citizens in Action,

a non-profit, non-partisan, progressive group of concerned citizens, dedicated

to political, social & economic justice is honoured to present:

A Free Public Conference The Hidden Face of the Free Trade Agreements

by guest speaker Author & public speaker Professor Claude Vaillancourt.


Professor Claude Vaillancourt is president of ATTAC Québec.

He is a prolific author of many books including : «L'Économie Toxique» and

«L'Empire du Libre Échange.» Professor Vaillancourt will be speaking about

how the so-called international Free-Trade Agreements, such as NAFTA,

CETA and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, (TPP)  will impact our daily lives.

The public services we take for granted, such as health care, education, water,

food, medicine, inspection, transportation, etc. will be up for grabs in favour

of privatization and our laws will be challenged in private courts, whose decisions

are binding. Instead of bringing us prosperity as their proponents promise,

these deals will only skyrocket the price of our drugs and will reduce the

quality of our services.


Come and find out the real story behind free trade deals.

To be followed by a discussion period.



Tuesday, November 10, 2015.


Concordia University, School of Community & Public Affairs,

2149 Mckay St (between Sherbrooke & De Maisonneuve Blvd.)

metro Guy-Concordia Time: 7.00 p.m. sharp

N. B. We usually meet second Tuesday of each month, to tackle a

different political issue, at Concordia University, same time, same place.

For further information, please call the founder & coordinator of the group,

Nadia Alexan, at tel. (514) 846-0644,

or e-mail:

(sponsored by the Concordia's Student Association). 


book Launch:

Lumpen, The Autobiography of Ed Mead

7pm on Tuesday, November 17th

At the AKA Autonomous Social Centre

at Kingston Ontario

Up the ramp at the Red and Black House, Queen and Wellington

Wheelchair Accessible





More than a memoir, Lumpen: The Autobiography of Ed Mead takes the reader on a tour of America’s underbelly. From Iowa to Compton to Venice Beach to Fairbanks, Alaska, Mead introduces you to poor America just trying to get by—and barely making it. When a thirteen-year-old Mead ends up in the Utah State Industrial School, a prison for boys, it is the first step in a story of oppression and revolt that will ultimately lead to the foundation of the George Jackson Brigade, a Seattle-based urban guerrilla group, and to Mead’s re-incarceration as a fully engaged revolutionary, well-placed and prepared to take on both his captors and the predators amongst his fellow prisoners.


Through his work organizing against conditions in solitary confinement, and then with queer prisoners in the legendary Men Against Sexism, followed by his exile from Washington to the dungeons at Marion, Brushy Mountain, and Florence, Ed Mead’s practice stands as a rebuke to the inhumanity and indifference which surround the world’s largest prison system.


As the late Black Liberation Army soldier Safiya Bukhari observed, “we must at least write our history and point out the truth of what we did—the good, the bad, and the ugly." Ed Mead has done that here, recounting his life’s story with unflinching honesty, providing a model of personal integrity and revolutionary creativity and determination for us all. What People Are Saying


“Lumpen is a page-turning retelling of Ed Mead’s life, from his early days growing up on the frontier of Alaska, to the frontiers of prisoner organizing from inside and later outside prison. The everydayness of his descriptions of how the George Jackson Brigade came to be, to the simple necessity to form Men Against Sexism while behind bars, reminds us that everyday justice can lead us to extraordinary places. In a mostly ahistorical queer left, this book is a must read!" -Ryan Conrad, editor of Against Equality: Queer Revolution, Not Mere Inclusion


“There are many who talk the talk. Ed Mead is one who actually walked the walk. In fact, he’s never stopped walking it, an example of commitment and integrity from which there’s much to be learned. His autobiography should be read by everyone serious about the struggle for liberation."

-Ward Churchill"

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