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end of the radio shows;


English Events

January 2014



Outrage au Tribunal Activist legal support mutual aid evening

Call out for event proposals on Social Justice Days;

Friday's Vigil against the occupation of the Palestine;

The after Party #2 : Paris is Burning;

Panel on caceral feminism;

Citizens in action public conference By Mr Julius Grey;

Winter evening of Solidarity across borders;

Radio shows;

Technical block (to contact us);


contempt of Court

« All Events (January 6) Activist Legal Support Mutual Aid Evening

January 6 @ 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Activist Legal Support Mutual Aid Evening

organized by Contempt of Court:

A Legal Clinic By and For Social Movements

Tuesday, January 6, 2015, 6pm

at Café Aquin (rooml A-2445 at UQÀM)

400 Ste-Catherine East

(métro Berri-UQÀM).

. accessible to wheelchairs

. childcare on-site

. translation available (English-French)

. there will be coffee and snacks available

contact us for any accessibility needs

"Contempt of Court: A Legal Clinic By and For Social Movements

invites you to its first Activist Legal Support Mutual Aid Evening which

will take place on January 6 at Café Aquin (room A-2445 at UQÀM) at 6pm.

Café Aquin is in the Pavillon Hubert-Aquin (A)

on the second floor of the building at 400 Ste-Catherine Eas


(After January 6, the next Activist Legal Support Mutual Aid Evening

will take place on February 12, 2015 at 6pm

at 1500 de Maisonneuve West, #204.)


We organize on a non-hierarchical, consensus model and recognize the

experience and knowledge of people who have been criminalized.

We are not lawyers nor experts; rather, we want to undermine the monopol

on legal knowledge and practice by participating in the demystification

of legal procedures and rules of law

. Our principles are linked here:

* If you are facing criminal charges or tickets, civil lawsuits, or injunctions;

* If you are making a complaint about the police, if you're suing the City

or if you want to undertake similar actions;

* If you have had experiences with the legal system that you would like

to share: Come to this evening to discuss, share, ask questions

and to research information!


In order to best organize this evening, it's best if you can confirm

if you're attending by e-mail:


. About Contempt of Court:

If you are facing charges, if you want to respond to state violence in the courts

or if you want to share your experiences and offer support, you're welcome

to join us!


call out for Event Proposals

social Justice Days 2015 10 Year Anniversary



3647 University Street, 3rd Floor, Montréal H3A 2B3

QPIRG-McGill is looking for workshop, discussions, panels

and film screening proposals for Social Justice Days 2015!!

Deadline for proposals: January 7th, 2015

Social Justice Days will be happening from February 12 -14th, 2015!

Intended to stimulate an alternative political culture in the McGill

University community and beyond, Social Justice Days is about to mark

its tenth year with a weekend of workshops, discussions, film screenings,

and speakers discussing local and global issues.


This is an open callout to individuals, working groups, campus groups and

community groups to propose the workshops, art exhibitions, discussions

films screening and panels for Social Justice Days 2015, celebrating our

10-Year Anniversary!


This year, we are thinking about things like:

. Austerity

. Prison abolitionism

. Police brutality & state violence

. Criminalization & Sex Work

. Organizing accessible events

. Radical childcare

And all forms of resistance! We'd love your proposals on fighting against

gentrification, for migrant justice, towards environmental justice,

as labour organizers and anti-capitalists, and for dignity and justice!


Some example of past workshops, films screening, etc:

. Where the f*k am I?!: Black Student organizing at McGill

. The Permanence of Temporary Work: the Immigrant Worker's Centre

. Struggles Against Capitalist Colonialism:

How Indigenous Feminisms Will Save the Earth and Destroy the State

. Righting the Wrongs: Sex Workers Organize for Self Determination

If you or your group are interested in submitting a proposal we ask

that you send us the following information:

. The title of your workshop, film screening, etc.

. A description workshop, film screening, etc., including length of presentation

. A short (2-3 sentences) biography of the individuals or group presenting

the workshop, film screening, etc.

. Times that you are NOT available to run the workshop (workshops will

take place during the day February 12th and 13; other kinds of proposals

could take place in the evenings of these dates)

We will be giving out stipends for all the workshops, films screening,

discussions or panels that are selected.

Social Justice Days testifies to the diversity of critical political engagement

on McGill campus, and offers students concrete opportunities to get activ

in their global community.


Social Justice Days is co-organized by the Quebec Public Interest

Research Group (QPIRG) at McGill and the Students' Society of

McGill University (SSMU)

Deadline: January 7th, 2015

Feel free to contact us for more information! Please note that we are

closed between December 15th and January 5th.



Fridays Vigil


Weekly Vigil Noon to 1 PM

End the occcupation !

Join PAJU and support the heroic resistance of the Palestinian People.

Become part of the longest-running protest vigil in Canadian history,

every Friday in front of in front of Indigo Books

on the north-west corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College.


Friday, January 9, 16, 23 & 30, 2015


Silent vigil in protest against the occupation.



corner of Ste-Catherine St. and Mcgill College.


Invite your freinds. We hope to see you there.

The Vigil Committe.


the afterparty

PARIS IS BURNING: The Afterparty, Round 2

Organisé par Cerise Surle Gâteau

Friday January 9, 2015 at 10 pm

Cabaret Playhouse

5656 Du Parc Av, Montréal H2V4H1


Cerise Sur Le Gâteau presents...

Paris is Burning: The Afterparty

An exploration of the influence of Ball Culture and of Black and Brown

(including Latinx, Asian, and mixed race) people on the music, dance,

fashion and pop culture of the 80s, 90s and today.

A celebration of our beauty, power and resilience. A reclamation of worth,

because we don't need those who harm us to validate us.

We are valuable in and of our selves. No matter what.


DJs Doc'trin




Live performances by

Kim Ninkuru


Kama La Mackerel.


Photos by Stacy Lee


@ La Bar Dina Habib


@ La Porte Tarek El Krs



Themes we seek to explore:

- How vogueing, waacking, and battling has grown and changed,

but also how it's stayed the same.

- Why is it that the appropriators are more successful and recognized

for their work than the original creators of the artform?

Think Elvis, Picasso, Madonna, Miley Cyrus, etc

- How is Black and Brown sissyness/femininity/dandism expressed?

How does it differ from White male femininity? Why?

- How has the trans* community changed since the 80s?

It seems as if transgender women, transsexual women, transvestite men,

drag queens, gender non-conforming, gender-fluid, and gender non-binary

people who were assigned male at birth, and gay men were all under

the same umbrella at that time. That is not the case now.

How has the terminology and understanding of gender, especially

in relation to sexuality, changed over time?


- The whole point of the ball was to be inclusive. There were a variety of

categories so that everyone could walk, and possibly win

Does that still exist in our LGBT*QIA spaces? Is there a standardized

mage of what or who is acceptable/attractive? Do safe spaces truly exist?


- The idea of being resourceful, instead of/when you don't have money.

Creating instead of buying. Borrowing and sharing resources for thos

who have few. How that has shifted to an idea of individualism and

consumerism. "It's now not about what you can make,

it's about what you can acquire"

"In America, you can do anything you want... if you have enough money".


- How voguing is more than just a dance; it's working out oppressions through

the body... Showing off and flaunting what you've got in a world that wants

to pretend you don't exist. This is exhibited by the people who created

- and still do - vogue.


- The concept of "chosen family" in queer and POC circles and how that's

similar to the Houses in Ball Culture. People even "changed" their last names

to fit the house/family they're in. Providing a sense of belonging to peopl

who were excluded from their biological families.


- The continued violence against trans* women, particularly trans* women of colour, and their continued resilience and resistance to that violence.


- The idea that nothing Black people do or create is originally considered "art"

(e.g quilting, dance), though what Black people create greatly influence

what mainstream society "produces" and consumes. *

"Street" style * Voguing, waacking, twerking * Attitude, terminology.

and mannerisms (reading, shade, hustle, the "sassy Black woman" trope, etc)

This is part of a long history of the treatment of Black art.

It is openly denigrated, then ridiculed/mimicked, then seen as spectacle/funny,

then all of a sudden it's cool and is popularized. You can see it over and

over again, most recently with weaves, nail art, twerking, and "Black attitude".


- How Black and Brown people's mockery of dominant and oppressive society

is turned in to art, which is then co-opted and loses its meaning and power

when performed by members of that dominant group.


For example, the TV shows Dynasty and Dallas influenced the categories

at Balls. Voguing being an exaggeration of Vogue magazine and of White

High Society, something that the members of Balls would never be a part of.

This is similar to how enslaved Africans mocked the slave owner's

pre-Easter traditions, thus creating Carnival and Mardi Gras. How thi

is a way of regaining power that was forcibly removed from

Black and Brown people.


- The Black Lives Matter movement: who gets to respresent us and why

why do we *still* have to fight to be recognized as whole, valable and

valuable humans; how gender and sexuality intersect to increase the

violence experienced by those pushed further and further to the margins;

why those people on the margins are excluded from this movement and

how we can rectify it. To all the Black and Brown trans women who

are forgotten within this movement.

5$ before midnight 7$ after



5656 ave du Parc

Malheursement, l'endroit n'est pas accessible aux fauteils roulants/

Unfortunately, this space is not wheelchair accessible


Want to party, but don't have the ca$h? You can hustle, borrow,

or contact Cerise surle Gâteau and I'll hook you up!


panel: Carceral Feminism /

Ten Months In An Immigration Jail

Organisé par No One Is Illegal Montréal

dimanche à 17:00 - 19:00

1500 de Maisonneuve Ouest, #204

No One Is Illegal/Solidarity Across Borders Panel Presentatio

and Community Discussion part of the Month Against Prisons Sunday,

January 11, 2015, 5-7pm

1500 de Maisonneuve West, #204

(métro Guy-Concordia).


As part of the Month Against Prisons, members of No One Is Illegal-Montreal

and Solidarity Across Borders will present on issues linked to

criminalization, detention, incarceration and prisons.

Presentations include:

- Carceral Feminism: The Failure of Sex Work Prohibition

- Ten Months In An Immigration Jail

About the presentations and presenters:


Robyn Maynard will be presenting on Carceral Feminism:

The Failure of Sex Work Prohibition. Robyn is a writer, activist, outreach

worker, and musician based in Montreal. She has previously worked

at youth organization Head & Hands helping run a needle-exchange program,

working with group home youth, and doing harm-reduction education

surrounding safe(r) sex and substance use for youth and drug users

She is currently employed at Stella, a sex workers’ rights organization

in Montreal, doing street-based outreach, and coordinating Stella Deboutte,

a research project on the effects of criminalization on sex workers lives.

She co-hosts CKUT’s No One Is Illegal Radio and plays a supportive

role in anti-police brutality organizing and migrant justice movements.


Arash Aslani will be presenting on his experiences as a refugee and

a detainee. Arash, a political refugee to Canada from Iran, spent 10 months

as a detainee inside the Laval Immigration Detention Center, just north

of Montreal. He will share his first-hand experiences as a detainee, as well

as expose the reality of immigrant detainees in Montreal. At any one time

there can be upwards of 100 detainees at the Laval Immigration

Detention Center.

Arash is a member of Solidarity Across Borders.



welcome to all childcare on-site accessible to wheelchairs presentations in English

(with whisper translation to French) snacks and drinks please get in touch about any

accessibility needs




citizens in Action Citizens in Action,

a non-profit, non-partisan, progressive group of concerned citizens,

dedicated to political, social & economic justice, is honoured to present:

a Free Public Conference on

How Growing inequalities are affecting our quality of life

by celebrity guest speaker Jurist, writer, public speaker & human rights’ activist, Lawyer Julius Grey A new book

‘Capital in the 21st Century,’ by French economist, Thomas Piketty,

has quickly become the New York Times’ best-seller of the year 2014

and has turned this obscure French professor, into a household name.

It has also shaken the world of neoliberal economics, which has always

tried to find excuses for the unabashed, unfettered accumulation of wealth

by the one per cent at the top, at the expense of the 99 per cent.

In his review of the book, Nobel Prize economist, Paul Krugman says :

'Piketty manages to destroy the most cherished of conservative myths,

that we are living in a meritocracy in which great wealth is earned and

deserved! We are living in a Gilded Age, says Krugman

''Before World War 1, Western societies were indeed dominated by

an Oligarchy of inherited wealth, and Piketty makes a compelling case

that we’re well on our way back toward that state.'’ Piketty proposes

a global tax of 2% on financial transactions and accumulated wealth

in order to save the world from an impending financial disaster.

Come and listen to Maitre Grey’s exploration of this issue.

To be followed by a discussion period.


Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Place: Concordia University,

School of Community & Public Affairs, (basement)

2149 Mckay St

(between Sherbrooke & De Maisonneuve Blvd.)

Time: 7.00 p.m. sharp

N. B. We usually meet the second Tuesday of each month, to tackle

a different political issue, at Concordia University, same time, same place.

For further information, please call the founder & coordinator of the group,

Nadia Alexan, at tel. (514) 846-0644, or e-mail:

(sponsored by Concordia's Student Association (CSU)  

An Alternative Globalization Organization.

"Another World is Possible"

Together we can make a difference .


winter meeting of Solidarity across borders

Tuesday, January 13th, 6pm to 9pm

free childcare! translation english-french-spanish! free food! wheelchair accessible!

Please RSVP if you need childcare; that will help us with planning, thank you!

Do you have any other needs we should meet so that you can participate?

Contact us at

or cell # 438-933-7654.

Come out to winter assembly of Solidarity Across Borders (SAB)!

Solidarity Across Borders holds four open assemblies a year, one each

season. These assemblies are places to discuss overall strategy of Solidarity

Across Borders, react to changes in the political context, bring new proposals

and make decisions. They are opportunities to think and plan together and to

share resources as we oppose deportations, detentions and double punishment

of migrants, and work to make Montreal into a Solidarity City.


** If your committee/ad hoc working group has an action proposal for the

agenda, please send it to the Decision-making and Organizing Committe

(through your DMOC liaison, otherwise to

Proposals can also be made by individuals at the assembly.

The assembly will prioritize the order of proposals.

** The minutes from the Fall 2014 Assembly are available.

Please read them and if you have any changes to suggest, bring them to the assembly.


Thousands of people are deported from Montreal every year. Many others

live in precarity; under temporary workers’ programmes, without full status

or without papers. They are vulnerable to super-exploitation in the workplace

and to domestic violence, and are denied access to healthcare, education

or other social services. Canada’s immigration system is part of a system

of global apartheid, protecting the privileges of a tiny minority at the expense

of the vast majority, who are denied the means to live in dignity. Individually,

we have little power to change this situation; only by working together can

we begin to challenge it.



Everyone who agrees with our demands is welcome, particularly those facin

the impact of the immigration system themselves. While discussion is open

to all, only members will participate in decision-making. Members agree with

our demands and are either directly affected by the immigration system,

involved in one of our committees, or contribute to SAB organizing whe

and as they can.



opposes the deportations, detentions and double punishment of migrants.

We call for status for all in Canada, now! We work to make Montreal a solidarity

city, where everyone can live in full dignity with equal access to

healthcare, education, and other public services.



Coming to an assembly is a great way to start getting involved in SAB!

In addition, SAB has six committees (Health for All!, Collectif éducation

sans frontières, Food for All, Shelters not Borders!, Support, and Building

A Solidarity City) and two temporary committees

(Decolonize and Anti-Oppression). SAB also actively participates

in the Status for All coalition. Contact us at

to find out which committees are actively recruiting and

how to get involved.


More information

* Read our website, contact u

by email

or telephone 438-933-7654.

To receive updates, join our listserve by emailing

or like our facebook page,




technical block;
Contact us

ads to calendar:

réseau nothingness:

(réseau des luttes sociales et citoyennes

au Québec et sur la planète) :

url of l'agenda militant:
radios shows


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